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October 28th, 2008 · 8 Comments


My fantasy football league wanted to do something cool this year. We figured that a wrestling belt is big, gaudy and wearable – therefore the perfect trophy. A regular statue trophy is nice, and of course money is always good. But a championship belt is a CHAMPIONSHIP BELT! There is no better way to throw your “fantasy genius” in the face of your defeated foes then by showing up to a barbecue or a birthday party or a wedding adorned with the spoils of victory. OK, a wedding might be too far, but the guys in my league would probably sport the belt any chance they got.

There are several vendors online that do fully customized belts for all occasions. The design and craftsmanship of some of these belts is truly amazing. I’ve seen some belts that cost upwards of half a million dollars. I guess anything gets expensive when you start sticking diamonds in it. I was looking to buy a simple customized 3 plate belt and most quotes came in around the $1000 dollar range – still a bit pricey for what we were hoping for.

Of all the belt makers that I researched, Top Rope Belts had the coolest stuff. As a graphic designer I never thought about designing a championship belt. But now that I’ve seen how beautiful they really are I want to make one! Maybe the guys at Top Rope Belts would like to extend me a one time discount so I can try my hand at this? I would be certain to review the work on my website and post the belt to all the top design blogs! Maybe put the Top Ropes Belt logo on the 4th and 5th plates? Plus the guys in my league would wear the belt everywhere! How about that for walking advertisement!

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September 9th, 2008 · 5 Comments


OK, the underwater paradise thing might have been a tad much. But I’m into these things, and I’ll tell you why. When I was younger I though I might want to be a landscape designer (I also wanted to be a pro basketball player or Indiana Jones). These fish tanks have real plants, real wood and real rocks in them. None of those phony plastic palm trees or tiny castles – these are au-naturale. It’s called Aquascaping. Yes, it has a name. It even has an international competition every year to see who can make the most bad ass tank. The plants in these tanks must be trimmed and developed with patience and precision in order to win the big prize. Wondering where all the big fish are at? Putting big fish into these tanks would be like letting a herd of cattle loose in Mr. Miyagi’s backyard. ZING! So, you can see why this appeals to me. It’s all about creating a natural design aesthetic. And hey, this is a design blog. My tiny pictures can not do these works of art any justice. See them here, or just Google ‘Aquascaping’.

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August 14th, 2008 · Comments Off on SEXY ON WHEELS


I love bikes. These bikes are really more like works of art – almost too pretty to ride. With every component customizable, it really takes a good eye for color and proportion to build these up right. The absence of brakes gives the bikes a slick streamlined look. Personally, I need a brake. Riding fixed gears is too much like work. Who wants to frantically pedal your ass off while trying to coast down a hill? Weak.

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